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DSCO Bearings Built-In


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DSCO Bearings Built-In
(Set of 8 Bearings)

Quality chromium steel ball bearings
High caliber steel deep groove races
Impact resistant nylon ball cages
Built in spacers for precision
Frictionless removable rubber shields
Cleaning instructions and sticker included

Embark on a journey into the future of skate elegance with DSCO Bearings Built-In – a set of 8 bearings that embodies innovation and grace. Infused with quality chromium steel ball bearings and high-caliber steel deep groove races, these bearings provide stability with a contemporary flair. Impact-resistant nylon ball cages navigate the urban landscape with resilience and dynamic finesse. Built-in spacers ensure ultimate precision, and frictionless removable rubber shields add an extra layer of style. Each set includes cleaning instructions and a sticker, showcasing DSCO Bearings’ dedication to distributing strictly good vibes and top-notch products as an Australian-established company.

About DSCO Bearings
DSCO Bearings letting the good times roll! An Australian established company dedicated to distributing strictly good vibes and top notch products.